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Meet Oscar our Mascot


One cold winter day, the Pet Paw-see received a call regarding a cat that had been found in a dog house in need of help. Little did we know, this kitty would become our mascot, Oscar.


Oscar’s story started when he was adopted by a lady who was in the National Guard Reserves. Oscar and his mom had a wonderful life until she was scheduled to “serve her country”. Oscar was rehomed to a family that kept him for the time she was to be gone. 


Upon returning, Oscar was doing great with this family and Oscar’s mom chose to let the family adopt him. Sadly…he was rehomed again and allowed to go outside walking around the neighborhood. One day Oscar obviously lost his way. We have no record of where Oscar had been for a period of time.


One day, a woman contacted the Animal Shelter in need of help. A cat had taken up residency in her dog’s doghouse. Upon arrival, the animal control officer could tell this cat, Oscar, was in need of great help. He had given up. He was near frozen, could not move and his breathing was very labored.


The animal control officer checked for a microchip and indeed he had one. The microchip went back to Oscar’s original owner. She was contacted and sadly she was unable to pay for the medical bills...Oscar was in need of help. This is where the Pet Paw-see was contacted and we went into action!


Oscar was taken to one of our veterinarians and diagnosed with double pneumonia. The doctor felt that Oscar had given up and had found a location (the doghouse) to pass away in. We had a different plan! Oscar was going to make it…we just knew he had to! He was put into an incubator and Big Sky Animal Clinic did their magic! Over a period of months, Oscar rallied. He would make it but with lasting residual problems.


You see, Oscar is a Scottish Fold. Sadly, he was not a young kitten but a senior pet when his life was in crisis. He has lasting breathing problems and because of the poor breeding background, he can not sit but must lie. His joints do not allow him to sit up like a normal cat.


Thankfully, Oscar is sharing his remaining years with his family. The Pet Paw-see chose not to adopt him out but to keep him close to our group to remind us of how valuable life is. Oscar is a fighter. He reminds us everyday how thankful our pets are to us for taking a moment out of our day to lend a helping hand, give a hug and to help those in need! The Pet Paw-see has chosen to fight battles for our four legged friends. Those who don’t have the energy, for those who don’t have a voice and for those who deserve the right to share a place in our world!


Oscar thanks you on behalf of the Pet Paw-see for supporting us not only monetarily but emotionally! 


The Pet Paw-see


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